The hapi Pro­gram will be offer­ing urban agri­cul­ture class­es this spring at the Colum­bus Idea Foundry. The Urban Agri­cul­ture Series with HAPI will include 5 class­es that togeth­er span hydro­pon­ic food pro­duc­tion, waste-stream man­age­ment and envi­ron­ment mon­i­tor­ing with Arduino technology.

Each of the hydro­pon­ic class­es will focus on a spe­cif­ic grow­ing tech­nique in which the class will work togeth­er to cre­ate a sin­gle sys­tem to pro­duce food. Each sys­tem will be donat­ed to a local char­i­ty focused on food access in the Columbus-area.

The Black Sol­dier Fly Lar­vae class will get into the tru­ly gross poten­tial of using these crea­tures to sub­stan­tial­ly reduce our organ­ic waste-stream.

Sens­ing Your Envi­ron­ment will teach stu­dents how to use var­i­ous envi­ron­men­tal sen­sors along with the Arduino Mega board and hapi soft­ware plat­form to cre­ate a stream of action­able data in real-world grow­ing environments.

Each class cost $75 except envi­ron­men­tal sens­ing which costs $105 and includes req­ui­site equip­ment that stu­dents will take home. Stu­dents can sign up for all 5 class­es and save $100. Dates and times are as follows:

  • April 2, 6:30–10:00PM — Flood and Drain Systems
  • April 7, 6:30–10:00PM — Wastestream Bio­con­ver­sion with Black Sol­dier Fly Larvae
  • April 23, 6:30–10:00PM — Nutri­ent Film Technique
  • April 28, 6:30–10:00PM — Sens­ing Your Environment
  • May 14, 6:30–10:00PM — Ver­ti­cal Aero­pon­ic Systems

Learn more about these urban agri­cul­ture class­es on the CIF web­site or go direct­ly here to sign-up.

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