Tyler Reed is the founder of hapi. He is an entre­pre­neur excit­ed by the oppor­tu­ni­ty of com­bin­ing the lat­est tech­nol­o­gy and one of our most fun­da­men­tal needs — good food. Tyler leads the devel­op­ment effort and guides the project strat­e­gy.







Mark Miller is the own­er of Indoor Grow­ers World in Nashville, TN. He is a con­sum­mate user and devel­op­er of hydro­pon­ic and aquapon­ic tech­niques and tech­nolo­gies. Mark enjoys build­ing sys­tems and shar­ing knowl­edge. In the con­text of hapi, Mark sparks inno­va­tion, stirs debate, improves solu­tions and often acts as the voice of rea­son and com­mon sense.






HAPI (Hydro­ponic Automa­tion Plat­form Ini­tia­tive) is an open-source project of Maya Cul­pa, LLC.

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