Our purpose is to develop a suite of tools that will allow people to grow a variety of food in diverse environments. Our primary focus is on building intelligent automation for hydroponics and aquaponics. Imagine systems in your garage, basement or local community center that can churn out strawberries and kale, year-round with minimal expertise, expense and effort. That’s what we’re shooting for.

However, people live in diverse locations and are faced with different resource constraints. For instance, access to clean water could be a challenge in Ghana whereas access to energy could be a challenge in Greenland. So alongside the automation platform, we’re also developing equipment to help people overcome those challenges. The multi-stage water filter and the solar thermal air heater are results of this effort.

New Arduino Code Released

The latest arduino code has been posted to github. This represents v2.1 of the firmware for the sensor and control layer of the HAPI platform. Learn more… The HAPI stack consists ofRead More…

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HAPI Re-Engineered

The last post on this site regarding the HAPI technology stack, announcing the 2.0 firmware alpha release, was nearly a year and a half ago. It hinted at good things to come. ShortlyRead More…

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New HAPI System Overview

We just knocked out a new block diagram that represents the soon-to-be-released, re-engineered v1.0 HAPI system. It is located under the What We Do -> HAPI Technical Overview menu.

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Taste & Appearance in Produce Choice

by Allison Schultz Have you ever had a bite of crispy red bell pepper that tasted like water? Or a strawberry that tasted more like dirt than summer sunshine? Maybe it wasRead More…

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Cleaning Raw Produce

by Allison Schultz As summer comes to a close and the seasonal harvest of vegetables peaks its good to remember a few basic hygiene steps to keep in mind.  Before biting intoRead More…

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Power 4 Detroit

Last winter we started a replicable, clean energy initiative by building a small solar panel for a hoop house at the Michigan Urban Farming Initiative (MUFI). Now we look to prove out scalability.Read More…

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hapi to Host Urban Agriculture Classes at CIF

The hapi Program will be offering urban agriculture classes this spring at the Columbus Idea Foundry. The Urban Agriculture Series with HAPI will include 5 classes that together span hydroponic food production, waste-streamRead More…

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hapi v2.0 Firmware Released For Testing

The hapi program is announcing the v2.0 Alpha release of its core automation firmware code. The release brings a real-world capable platform that boasts flexibility and scalability. “This release will provide extended capabilities to urbanRead More…

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hapi Selected to Present at Columbus SOUP

Winter ’14 SOUP: Crowdfunding Local Food From the GrassRoots Up The hapi project has been selected to present at the upcoming grassroots crowdfunding event, Winter ’14 SOUP. Columbus SOUP creates dynamic and democraticRead More…

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KickStarter Campaign Launched!

The HAPI team is thrilled to announce the launch of our KickStarter Campaign! We’ve worked hard over the past year to make the HAPI initiative real by generating innovative ideas, products andRead More…

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HAPI (Hydro­ponic Automa­tion Plat­form Ini­tia­tive) is an open-source project of the Open Community Development Corporation.

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